About A. Variakojo company

Company "ALVAS" was founded in 1991 in Panevežys. It is a wholesale company engaged in sales, packaging and production of foodstuffs, confectionery products, raw materials and food ingredients.
The main office of the company is located in Panevežys; the distribution network consists of its subsidaries in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda and Šiauliai cities. Two years ago the firm established its enterprise in Riga (Latvia). It employs 160 people. Alvas has its logistics department providing services to about 2500 customers throughout Lithuania. The company exports its production to Kaliningrad, Byelarussia and Baltic countries, also Ireland, England, Germany, and Sweden.
The company supplies food producers with various food additives as well as renders technological assistance. Alvas represents lots of  famous manufacturers of food additives such as: * "AAK" (vegetable fats)* "National Starch" (modified starches)* "CP Kelco" (pectins, carageenans, gums)* "Silesia" (flavours)* "DMV International" (milk derivatives)* "Rudolf Kissinger GmbH" (additives and spices)* "Nigay" (caramelised syrups, caramel pieces, caramel paste, caramel fillings)* "Sanovo International AS" (egg powders)* "Cargill" (compounds, chocolates, cacao powder)* "Kaul" (polishing agents)* "The Solae Company" (lecithins)* "N.V. Aldia S.A." (fruit fillings, cold way glazings)* "BakeMark International" (margarines, improvers, bakery mixes and fillings, dough additives)* "Drageefabrik Stolze GmbH" (decorations from sugar and chocolate)* "Molda" (freeze dried fruits and berries, bacery mixes and fillings)* "Steensma" (dried candied fruits)* "Belgosuc NV" (ecologic sugar) and others.
The company is the largest importer of cocoa products in Lithuania, it buys dry fruits, nuts and spicies directly from the countries where they are grown. The company supplies foodstuffs to retail networks.   The company has also exclusive rights to represent such world famous manufacturers as: * "BT Eksportadora de Aceitunas SA" (olives)* "NV Snack Food Poco Loco" (Tortilla maize chips)* "Tolsa Nederland BV" (cat litter) and others in Lithuania.
Alvas has its departments of packaging and experimental backery. The food safety system HACCP is being implemented.