The new unit - the new possibilities



The new unit - nuts, seeds, spices, herbs pasteurization and roasting.

The features of the unit:

  • Pasteurization

  • 2 heating zones

  • Cooling included


The possibilities of the machine:

  • Mixing and transport by vibrations

  • Injection of a small quantity of steam

  • Unique roasting of small fraction products (such as flour, starch, etc.)

  • Roasting products with a lot of oil (such as sesame seeds, flax seeds, etc.)

  • Removal of skins at roasting

  • Fine tuning possible of roasting time and degree

  • The moisture level reduction to the desired level


The greatest benefit:

  • Guaranteed and validated microbiology quality

  • Preservation of the organic properties

  • Perfect homogeneity of pasteurization

  • Improving the taste

  • Increase the period of validity