Raw materials

    From nuts to dried fruits and spices!

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    Everything for cooking and dish decorating and flavouring!

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    Organic products

    Products with no additives. Production is supplied as grown!

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    Pre-packed products

    Pre-packed products everyday meal, picnics and other occasions!

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    We are creating the trademarks that will be loved by our consumers!

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    Alvo production

    We make products ourselves!

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    Latest Products

    BBQ seasoning Alvo Taste From Garden

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    Ground bay leaves Alvo Taste From Garden

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    Bay leaves Alvo Taste From Garden

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    Roasted garlic and pepper spice mix Alvo Taste From Garden

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    Food is a great way to charm guests, beloved people or simply yourself. Cook with "Alvo" and get immersed into fabulous flavours together! Cook, taste and share with everyone!
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    Alvas Group consists of four companies. "Alvas ir ko" JSC is a wholesaler trading in food products, confectionery, raw materials and food additives. "Alvo prekyba" JSC is trading in pre-packed products and distributing goods. "Pajuva" JSC is a production and packaging company. "Alvas" JSC is a logistics company.


    It is believed that each company has not only to receive but also give! Currently, the company supports “Colour Honey Cake Day” and “IWA”, thus contributing to fostered children and severely ill people. Also, the company employs more than 80% of the people with some kind of disability!



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